International Advisory Group

The accelerator is a unique space where cross functional teams work on real challenges to find new ways and means to create public value, solve complex challenges, and future proof their societies

unique Methodology

Teams follow IAG’s F.A.S.T methodology leveraging data, with world-class facilitators moving from concept to results.

Teams are coached by experts in global and local policy and government-technology.

gov-tech studio

Teams are offered an immersive experience to learn about, experiment with, and fully understand the latest Gov-Tech, covering applications and technologies like IOT, Blockchain, VR/AR, and AI.

knowledge Support

During their work in the Accelerator, teams are offered research support (benchmarking, global cases) allowing them to use different lens in their area of focus.

Discussion of global case studies to learn from the experience of leading countries.

Discussion of global reports and latest thinking.

the accelerator is a live experience, that is conducted in a synchronus manner, either in 3d (face to face) or 2d (virtual). Both modes are supported by our platform: