International Advisory Group

International Advisory Group, IAG, is specialized in results delivery in the public sector, with unique experience in emerging markets.
We partner with our clients to empower them with knowledge and capacity for strategic thinking and innovation to achieve tangible and sustainable results.

We work with all stakeholders, public and private, who are focused on creating public value, and shaping a better tomorrow for emerging markets.

We SHAPE THE future of governments in growth markets

We’ve worked in and adjacent to governments our whole lives; we understand how they function and we believe in their enduring potential to make life better for people all over the planet.
Our global network, local knowledge approach empowers our teams with the insights and skills to make change happen, and stick. We are all about results, not report. We work with our clients as one. We work day in, day out, alongside governments at every level as they scan the horizon, collect data, prioritize, troubleshoot, persist, and deliver.

Why we established iag

IAG was set up to fill the white spaces and gaps in the consulting market. The model where consulting firms work in a silo, deliver a large powerpoint file, and leave, is simply not working. Government entities need to build their own capacity to think, plan, and deliver. We partner for results, and to build internal capacity. 

Most consulting firms offer “formula solutions” that are either unsuitable or difficult to implement in growth market contexts – a lot of them developed in Western contexts. Our work is by the region, from the region, for the region. We offer global knowledge, world-class practices, all tailored with local expertise and unique regional insights.

Our Team

IAG’s team that has worked on delivering public sector impact for over 30 years. 

We leverage our global network of subject matter experts and practitioners who contribute their experience and know-how, where and when it is needed.

our partners

Apolitical is a community for people working in government and closely supporting government. Apolitical brings 21st Century learning into government

Competence HR is an innovative, forward thinking Human Resources and Management Development Consultancy Company

Hydrogen is specialized in knowledge capital development in the public sector. Our priority is to empower our clients with knowledge and capability to build strategic thinking, futuristic innovation, and achieve tangible and sustainable results

Gov.Insights helps governments and public sector organizations in designing impactful initiatives and policies that can address the needs of their citizens

The Posterity Institute is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank based in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates